Self-Publishing Workshops

I began my teaching work in 2006 as an adjunct professor in Portland State University’s Masters in Book Publishing program. Almost as soon as that work began, I was called upon to use my teaching skills in non-academic settings to help writers navigate the self-publishing process. I’ve had the privilege to offer workshops and panel discussions throughout the Pacific Northwest at a wide variety of writing conferences, libraries, and organizations. Here are just some of the places I’ve taught at:


  • Willamette Writers
  • Compose Creative Writing Conference
  • South Coast Writers
  • Write to Publish
  • Independent Book Publishers Association Publishing University
  • Write on the Sound
  • The Molalla Bookeroo

Libraries and Organizations:

  • West Linn Public Library
  • Oregon City Public Library
  • Indigo: Editing, Design, and More
  • Pacific Northwest Book Publisher Associaion
  • PubWest

I am always happy to offer one of the below workshops at writing events, both virtual or in person. Contact me to discuss availability and fees.

Being Your Own Publisher

Wondering about self-publishing? Would going indie work for you? This workshop explores the risks and rewards of self-publishing. With examples and detailed discussion, you’ll get a clear picture of the self-publishing process, so you can decide if self-publishing is right for you.

Your Book’s Design

Nothing screams “This book is self-published!” like a poorly designed book. Although many self-publishing services offer tools for quick and easy interior layout, cover design, and ebook conversion, most of these services result in books that readers will find aesthetically unpleasing and difficult to read. This class offers and overview of what makes books work as objects. We will talk about such things as font choice, readability of the text, paper quality, and choosing the appropriate size for you book. We will also examine what makes a well-formatted ebook.

Playing with Grammar

Looking for ways to make your writing pop? Try playing with your grammar. This interactive workshop explores the fun side of grammar you weren’t taught in school. Come learn how simple, intentional changes to your nouns, verbs, and adjectives can beef up the impact of your writing.